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FitRight Extended Wear Briefs (Adult Diapers with Tabs)

FitRight Extended Wear Briefs (Adult Diapers with Tabs)

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Small waist 19" - 31" 30/bag, 120/case 
Medium waist 27" - 43" 15/bag,60/case
Large waist 41" - 59" 15/bag, 60/case 
Xlarge  waist 57" - 65" 15/bag, 60/case 

The price on the small size is $130.15 after the discount, the price on the xlarge is $109.73 after the discount.

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Introducing the new Medline Extended Wear Adult diapers, the most absorbent diaper in the Medline brand. You can be confident that you'll stay dry in this diaper - the working capacity while being worn is up to 1000 ml! (The average adult has an output of 1500 ml for the whole day).*** The super absorbent core pulls wetness quickly away from your skin to keep you dry.

While other brands have only breathable side panels, the ENTIRE clothlike outer cover of the Extended wear is breathable, keeping your skin cooler and healthier. It has a stretchy waistband on the back and two refastenable tabs on each size that you can fasten anywhere on the outer cover to give you a better fit.


Soft anti-leak guards around the leg openings reduce leakage.

Latex Free.

The diaper is white with a moisture alert wetness indicator that also indicates the size.

Small 19" - 31" 30/bag, 120/case 
Medium 27" - 43" 15/bag,60/case
Large 41" - 59" 15/bag, 60/case 
Xlarge 57" - 65" 15/bag, 60/case 

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Normal delivery time will be three to five business days.

***Working capacity is the measurement of how much fluid the diaper will contain when a person is actually wearing it. Most companies will tell you the Saturated Capacity which is what the diaper will hold when you soak it with water without any pressure on it. The Saturated capacity of the Extended Wear is 4000 ml, which is comparable to the Abena and other premium brands.

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